Degrees at Work
with Walker CDJR

Powered by Strayer University

Our partnership with Strayer University brings a no-cost college education to our employees. This unique and ground-breaking program will:

  • Attract top talent for our dealership’s employment positions.
  • Make Walker CDJR as an employer of choice.
  • Help you build skills to increase your performance and sales.
  • Retain the best talent to increase overall performance and sales.

Together with Strayer University, we recognize how important it is for adult students to balance the many responsibilities of their busy lives. We strive to make earning your degree as convenient as possible while providing an affordable, quality education in a supportive environment.

Strayer University has been helping working adults continue their education to advance their careers since 1892. Their programs make it possible for you to manage all of the different facets of your life while you achieve your educational goals.

Strayer University is a place where you’ll feel comfortable because you will be with classmates who share your real-world perspective and enrich your studies with their professional and life experiences. The average age of a Strayer University student is 34, and virtually all of them are working full time while continuing their education. Strayer’s student services, online flexibility, and regional accreditation have helped over 100,000 students earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Now it’s your turn.

This new program allows prospective and current employees an opportunity that may have never been available or attainable to them before. Degrees@Work provides students with their own piece of the “American dream”.

Strayer students will not only advance their education, but they will enhance their professional development and skills. They will be studying for success and achieving it at the same time.

At Strayer University, we understand that experience counts. For students who have had experience in other professions, served in the Armed Forces or simply learned skills via practical application, you could receive credit toward your future college degree for such real life learning experiences.

Strayer Success Coaches, tutors, and other personnel are dedicated to helping new students transition into the college experience, and support students throughout their academic career to help them succeed.

Strayer University was built for working adults, so flexibility is a priority. We work to make sure that classes accommodate people with busy lives.

Strayer’s goal is to ensure that students feel valued. Our goal is to make sure that the enrollment experience is easy and that each student has a positive experience.


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